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Host liability as well as slips and falls are two of the most frequent causes of personal injury in Canada. If you've been injured in this type of accident, it's important to contact the most dependable personal injury lawyers in North York as soon as you're able to. As with many other legal activities, time may be of the essence. Failing to take action quickly may prevent you from receiving the compensation you may be entitled to.
Host Liability
Canadian alcohol servers need to be aware of their responsibilities in regards to their guests. Intoxicated people leaving the premises of a bar, restaurant, company party or even a friend's house may get involved in a collision and have a legal right to pass some of the liability to the host that served them. Business owners and individuals may also be held liable for third party victims who weren't guests at the bar or party in question. In the event that a clearly intoxicated patron leaves the bar or party and is involved in a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian, the host may be held partially liable for the second car and its occupants. Precautionary measures should be taken by the host to monitor the amount of alcohol being consumed by a guest and to offer solutions for transportation including calling cabs, directing guests towards public transportation and even pointing guests to a spare bedroom. An establishment in the business of selling alcohol needs be aware that the courts in Canada feel that special care needs to be given to other road users.
Occupiers Liability Act
Slipping or falling that results in personal injury can be serious. In Ontario, the Occupiers Liability Act states that the occupant of the premises should take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of those on the property or even passing by. Places such as supermarkets, residences, restaurants, malls, bars, department stores, and airports all fall under the category of the Occupiers Liability Act. To follow through with a claim of this nature, one must prove that reasonable care and precautions were not taken to protect the safety of other people and that any negligence that may have occurred was due to improper care of the grounds. This can be difficult to prove due to the fact that simple logs showing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance can be ample evidence to release establishments of their liability in some cases.
The best personal injury law teams are on your team. They are aware that finances may be in a rough state after an accident, but feel that you should get what you're entitled to. Reputable law firms specializing in personal injury offer free consultations and payment plans such as post-settlement arrangements. Don't let the financial aspect of seeking representation keep you from protecting your family and their financial well being. The most dependable personal injury lawyers will have as many as fifteen languages spoken in their offices to ensure that in your time of need, clear and concise communication is available. If you've been injured, look online today for the best representation possible.
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